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Train the Trainer

Increase productivity and save money with proper training

Attend CMI's Custodial Technician Train the Trainer
This three-day course:

  • Provides all of the tools and skills needed to develop a successful training and certification program for your organization.
  • Offers frontline custodial training and independent third-party certification.
  • Meets the training requirement set forth by ISSA's Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS).
  • Teaches custodial best practices, while minimizing environmental impact.
(All materials for training are printed in English)
Train the Trainer events for 2015 are currently being developed. Please stay tuned for more information about upcoming Train the Trainer events.
Customer Feedback

"The Train the Trainer class was awesome. I've been in this business for several decades, and thought I had a pretty good handle on the industry. This class opened my eyes. Marion Ivey is a great teacher … always upbeat and interesting to listen to." Michael Wiese, facility manager for All Star Facilities

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