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Tip of the Month


July 2014 Tackling Trouble Areas

Maintaining A Low Slip And Fall Factor

When accidents happen, who will ultimately be found responsible?

When a maintenance contractor signs with a company, the contract typically includes language naming the contractor as the party responsible for maintaining safe, hazard-free premises.

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Calculating Return On Investment For Equipment Purchases

Return on investment (ROI) is also known as the payback period and is often expressed in a period of time, such as weeks, months or years.

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Tip of the Month

Cleaning, Sanitizing & Disinfecting

Learning the difference between these processes.

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Tip of the Month - Jan 2014

Include Customers In Cleaning Team

Teamwork can often benefit cleaning professionals and operations responsible for a busy building.

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Tip of the Month - Dec 2013

Steps To Retaining Talent

Sell this industry to potential employees and let them know that we are professionals.

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Tip of the Month – Nov 2013

Measuring Custodial Training Results With Quality Inspections

Quality inspections are the best way to measure the effectiveness of your custodial training.

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