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Floor Care



January 2013 Feature 4

Distinct Floor Luster Enhances Property Appeal

Customers covet brilliant shine, but there is more to the appearance of hard surface floors than gloss alone.
December 21, 2012

It is commonly known that clean, well-maintained floors lead to a positive customer impression. For years, industry professionals have focused on a floor’s surface reflectivity, shine and gloss, but a positive impression is based on much more than that.

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CMM Online Exclusive

Hard Floor Care e-Newsletter

The best hard floor care coverage in the JanSan industry compiled in a convenient electronic newsletter.
December 4, 2012

Sponsored by Advance, Clarke, ProTeam and Windsor, the Hard Floor Care e-Newsletter is chuck full of insightful content to help you properly clean and maintain your floors and achieve high-gloss, slip-resistant finishes on porous hard surfaces.

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October 2012 Feature 3

Ergonomic Means No Pain And Sans Strain

The hazards of cleaning can be reduced with comfortable, ergonomic tools and equipment.
October 12, 2012

Understanding the way equipment impacts physical health and methods for improving ergonomic stressors will better prepare your workers for their cleaning crusades, regardless of the tasks they tackle.

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Floor Care Training DVD

August 16, 2012

CMI’s NEW Basic Floor Care video is the latest addition to the Custodial Technician training program.

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The Custodial Technician Basic Certification Course

The Custodial Technician Basic Level Handbook covers 5 different cleaning subjects. This student handbook contains information about professional cleaning processes, procedures, chemicals and safety. The Basic Level Exam is also included. View