What Our Training Customers Are Saying

Check out what just a few of our customers say about their training experience with CMI.

"Our organization participates in the Ability One program and currently works 14 custodial contracts in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. 80% of our direct labor employees are individual’s with significant disabilities and we (as an organization) were looking for a cohesive training program to teach new skills and promote skill development. CMI’s certification for Custodial Technicians has provided us with a tool to train project management (including managers, supervisors and quality control staff) and our direct labor employees. We have approached this by having designated employees attend the Train the Trainer, which allows us to have an in-house training resource. Training for project management is done more traditionally following the classroom model. Training for employees on-site has been modified for delivery of the information. The training materials have been broken down into modules meant for one to three participants for 15 minutes. This is then followed with demonstration and modeling of the task on-site in the work environment. The CMI training is proving to be a great resource with the workbooks and PowerPoints that allow us to deliver the training in formats that is understandable and relevant to the employees. We see this training initiative as a resource that is nationally recognized (ISSA and CIMS) to provide training that will lead to continuous improvement of our employees' skills and continued improvement of customer satisfaction for services that are well performed and delivered."
Brandy Emmons-Powell, Didlake's Director of Quality Development


"Thank you so much! The Train the Trainer has changed our entire hospital for the better. It has made a huge impact on our facility  and staff. We recently had some big health organizations in for a visit. We received some very high compliments to our EVS staff about cleanliness of our hospital. I can’t tell you enough how beneficial it has been for us to be associated with CMI. We have developed so many procedures and modified existing practices with the education you helped me obtain. We have three branches within our 30,000-plus employees in our tribe."
Trevan Jimboy, certified environmental service trainer at the Chickasaw Nation Medical Center

"We are receiving a big award that they announced today from Goodwill International for the work in the Custodial program. So, when you are talking about it, you can say that the program is an award-winning program. This is all the Goodwills all over the country and internationally. So, just know what a huge part CMI is in this program. Thanks again."
Cindy Stone, senior hospitality skills instructor for the Chicago chapter of Goodwill Industries

"First of all, I want to express my delight at the Chemical Safety Training Video. I used the CD with each of the seven cleaning teams we have in the department and each group reacted differently. As it was shown throughout the day, each group found it increasingly funny yet educational. I found it to be very productive and an excellent tool to instruct new workers; but, the old timers found it to be just as beneficial and informative."
Barbara DiDay, director of housekeeping at Grove City College

"The Train the Trainer course was absolutely outstanding; it exceeded my every expectation. The instructor, W. Marion Ivey, was very informative, helpful and knowledgeable in all areas of the custodial field. Going through this course left me with in-depth knowledge and tangible tools to share and implement within the company, giving us the ability to offer the highest standard of service. I am truly grateful to have had the privilege of being a part of CMI’s ‘Train the Trainer’ course."
Thomas D. Hutchinson, president of Integrity Joe’s Janitorial Building Maintenance

"I have had nothing but positive comments about the training. Employee’s that attended the class (Train the Trainer) and are now empowered with the tools and skills  needed to become a good trainer are developing a custom training program for their employees. Not only motivation and morale are high, but I see the results on best practices being implemented" -- Gabriel, University of Illinois Chicago

"I have heard and seen on several occasions where this program has built the confidence and self-esteem of the custodian by giving them the tools to work smarter, not harder.  This is also a great program to assist with our succession plan and give those that excel the opportunity for advancement." - Terry Major, Southeast Missouri State University

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