RSS Feeds

Setting Up RSS Feeds

What is RSS?

RSS is short for "Real Simple Syndication." It uses a technology called XML to deliver news headlines to a desktop RSS reader or directly to web browsers.

What do I need to start?

You will likely need to download an RSS reader. RSS readers vary slightly in how they look and act, so you may find yourself testing several before settling on one. Many are free of charge; some charge a small fee. We've included a list of popular RSS readers on this page.
Certain web browsers, including Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and the Mac-based Safari are RSS enabled.

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Train the Trainer







Best practices for front-line custodians including hard floor, carpet, restroom and chemistry of cleaning


Groom future supervisors and help veterans advance their careers with CMI's custodial supervisor training course.

Train the Trainer

Our three day train-the-trainer courses give you the materials, skills and knowledge to implement or enhance your custodial training programs.

On-site Training

Truly customized training that fits the unique needs of your facility or operation. We can deliver custodial, supervisory, train-the-trainer or any combination of training at your facility.

Member of the Month

Nominate your own CMI Member of the Month!


To nominate someone for our CMI Member of the Month honor, email


Member of the Month winners receive two prizes:

  • Free registration into a Train the Trainer class during 2015. This is a $999 value!
  • A Deluxe Microfiber Prize Pack from Microfiber Wholesale.


Please submit approximately 500 words letting CMI know why your nominee should be our Member of the Month. Also, include complete contact information.


Please note: Individuals or companies can be nominated. To be eligible for selection, participants and nominees must be current CMI members.

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