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Carpet Cleaning Technical Manual


Tired of “re-dos”? Use these tricks of the trade to avoid costly callbacks.

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Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning Technical Manual


Fear no more: Upholstery and fabric cleaning is profitable and can be performed without fear of damage.


Supervisor's Guide to Custodial & Building Maintenance Operations Vol II


How to Increase Janitorial Productivity & Cleaning Performance

This book provides the supervisor/manager involved in facilities management with a valuable source of information on increasing staff performance and productivity.

The keys to heighten performance cleaning, solving your toughest cleaning challenges, training custodian, supply management, contracting out services, safety issues and much more!


Custodial Supervisor Certification Course


Are you looking to groom key employees for supervisory positions?

Are you looking to improve your own skills in order to advance your career into custodial supervision?

CMI’s Custodial Supervisor Training and Certification program will help you achieve your goals.


Custodial Technician Basic Handbook


The Custodial Technician Basic Level handbook covers 5 different cleaning subjects.  This student handbook contains information about cleaning processes, procedures, and more.


Custodial Technician Advanced Handbook


The Custodial Technician Advanced Level handbook covers 3 different cleaning subjects.  This student handbook contains information about cleaning processes and prodedures.


Chemical Safety Training - DVD


This training video is not only a great complement to the first chapter in the Basic handbook, but also a stand-alone training DVD on chemical safety and the chemistry of cleaning.