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Custodial Technician Basic Handbook


The Custodial Technician Basic Level handbook covers 5 different cleaning subjects.  This student handbook contains information about cleaning processes, procedures, and more.


Custodial Technician Advanced Handbook


The Custodial Technician Advanced Level handbook covers 3 different cleaning subjects.  This student handbook contains information about cleaning processes and prodedures.


Basic Floor Care Training - DVD


CMI’s Basic Floor Care video is the latest addition to the Custodial Technician training program. The video is a training tool that can be used with CMI’s Basic training handbook or as stand-alone training video for hard floor care.  They combine a thorough overview of routine daily and long-term project floor care tasks with humor and lots of demonstrations.


Basic Floor Care Handbook, DVD & Exam


We at Cleaning Management Institute understand that time and money are valuable resources for every organization.  That’s why we have created our new Floor Care Certification package.  It includes CMI’s Floor Care DVD’s along with handbooks and exams to certify you or staff members.  It’s a way to begin a structured training program or simply follow-up what you already have with continued education. 


Basic/Advanced Floor Care Handbooks, DVD's & Exams


Pricing is based on one copy of the Basic & Advanced Floor Care Handbook, 1 Certification Exam for Basic &  Advanced and 1 Basic & Advanced Floorcare DVD. To certify more folks, there is a minimal price per person for handbooks and exams, please contact Brant Insero at 518-640-9161 or email at for more information. 

Remember the DVD's are training tools that can be used with CMI’s Basic and Advanced training handbooks or as stand-alone training videos for hard floor care.