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Finding, Training and Keeping Great Service Employees 101 Hard Cover


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You will see the critical part training plays in reducing turnover in your company and why training has to be done differently with adults than with children. This book provides you with 1. A complete sample Hiring Process Manual for new employees. 2. A sample Employee Policy and Procedure Handbook. 3. Sample job descriptions for a Building Service Contractor. INDIVIDUAL CHAPTER OVERVIEW Chapter 1---details the difference between just hiring and recruiting GREAT people for a career. Chapter 2---discusses newspaper ad that WORK and explains why they work. Chapter 3---discusses career fairs and how to conduct them for success. Chapter 4---outlines recruiting neighborhoods and the outstanding success you can enjoy. Chapter 5---discusses on line recruiting and when it works and when it doesn’t work. Chapter 6---details how to manage the process so that you always have the people you need ready to go to work. Chapter 7---reviews an often overlooked aspect of recruiting that being your facilities and how they can affect the type of GREAT employee you will or will not attract. Chapter 8---outlines the do’s and don’ts of the interview. What can you say and what can’t you say. Chapter 9---provides you with a plan of action to get going. Chapter 10---details the FIRST STEP. What is it? Chapter 11---provides a step by step process of orientation and provides a SAMPLE HIRING PROCESS MANUAL. This manual can save you thousands of dollars. Chapter 12-explains in detail the importance of training to your success.
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