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JanBid Software


Product Details

JanBid 2011 - Helps you improve your bidding process and land more contracts

  • Prepares accurate bids in just a few minutes time.
  • Includes profitable and competitive pricing for janitorial, windows, floor care and carpet cleaning adapted to your business and city.
  • Takes the guesswork out of bidding, by adjusting to each individual facility

Precise and Accurate Cleaning Times

Built in adjustments for the size of each building, density of occupants, building use, cleaning frequency - a total of seven adjustments that pinpoint precise cleaning times. Shows the current janitorial labor rate for any city. Eliminates adding extra cushion for the unknown and then getting outbid.


Personalized Bid Proposals

Each page of the proposal can be hand crafted to meet the specific needs of each customer. Internet connection is not required and there is no need to share confidential information online.  


Compete with the Low Bids

Capability to offer a partial cleaning or a service of empting trash and touching up restrooms only - on selected nights. Jan Bid calculates the price at a higher billing rate to offset reduced service. Beat out the competition by offering three levels of service. For example, you could choose to offer a complete clean three nights a week, a partial clean one night a week and trash only one night a week. You choose the frequency and Jan Bid does all the calculations.


Professional Building Surveys

Survey forms are included to record data during your bid walk through including square footage of carpet, tile and rest rooms. JanBid shows nightly cleaning times plus, floor waxing and carpet cleaning estimates. Quick and easy data entry even for a novice.


Fast Results

Enter the data from your survey and in just a few minutes time view the cleaning times, price per square foot, monthly gross and net income, all costs and the entire proposal. JanBid allows you to establish minimums for all types of cleaning, to protect from under-bidding.


Your Complete Bid is Ready

Print out the Cleaning Specification Chart, Additional Cleaning Services (for windows, carpets and floors), Cleaning Service Agreement (contract) and personalized Marketing Fliers.


Proven Performance

Accuracy of the software has been checked against hundreds of janitorial contracts. Developed by Gary Clipperton, a 38-year veteran contractor, author, trainer and consultant.


Bonus Information

Thirty-page instruction manual with building examples, tips on presenting the winning bid, calculating profits, discounts and much more. JanBid tracks all the important financial numbers and records income projections along with detailed marketing follow-up strategies to close each contract.


New for 2011 – greatly expanded with more features: 


·         Exclusive Quality Control Inspection Program tracks individual or crew performance scores. Shows your prospects a complete quality assurance program.

·         Three comprehensive spreadsheets for cost plus proposals to detail all expense categories for large contracts. Bids any size account.

·         New carpet and floor care spreadsheets capture all expenses and overhead, showing how to bid each area by the square foot, to reach your annual income goals.

·         Calculates offset labor costs for a working supervisor when the supervisor is not cleaning. Shows recommended crew size.

·         Displays travel and fuel costs separately.

·         Income and expense spreadsheet allows you to enter your financial data and view current percent amounts for 23 categories. Keeps your confidential overhead and expense ratios up-to-date.


Expand Your Business

One recent customer credits JanBid for increasing the size of his business from 19 to 36 janitors in just six months. Profits are way up! Customers are reporting a multiple return on investment in just the first month.


Free Tech Support

Our customers rate us #1 in the area of technical support and ongoing help with bids.


System Requirements

Jan Bid requires Microsoft Excel or a free download of Calc from Open

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