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96 Interview Questions

96 Great Interview Questions to Ask Before You Hire


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Probing interview questions to uncover true behaviors and achievements.

Every harried interviewer knows the danger of throwing out vague questions to a potential employee. You get canned answers in response—and the result can be a disastrous hiring decision.

Now there’s a quick way to find out what really makes a candidate tick. Presented in a handy question-and-answer format, this new book supplies 96 probing interview questions, plus helpful tips on interpreting the responses.

It details how to: 

  • Elicit spontaneous, truthful responses
  • Watch out for red flags that predict subpar performance
  • Solicit meaningful information from reference checking
  • Hire people that best fit the organization's needs

With questions covering 17 topics and all types of job openings, the book serves as both a ready reference for managers and a refresher course for seasoned human resources personnel.

Copyright 2008

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