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Selling Contract Cleaning Services 101 - Hard cover


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Are you starting a new contract cleaning service company? Or, is your company still in the early growing stage? Are you constantly changing "hats" as you try to guide your company toward more profits and better operations? It can be hard to find the time AND the resources to move forward! This book shows you the systems and methods you can apply to become the company you are striving to be. Whether your goal is to build a solid, family business or take on the major players, it all depends on identifying, prospecting and closing the right customers. You don't necessarily need a lot of money , but you DO need a lot of commitment to make this happen. In fact, commitment in the right areas with the right direction may be ALL you need. The systems and processes outlined in this book have been used by the author to build a successful multi-million dollar operation. And now he is sharing them with you! Pay particular attention to Chapter 14. It can change the way you see yourself and your company. Even more importantly, it may just change the way your customers and prospects see you and your organization.
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