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Meet Our Trainers

CMI Master Trainers

W. Marion Ivey is the founder and president/owner of Ivey's Training and Consulting Services. Marion has been providingMarion technical professional training for the commercial and industrial cleaning industry in the United States since 1991, and internationally since July of 2002.  Ivey launched his business internationally in the fall of 2002 by traveling to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the Middle East.  Marion provides technical certification training using Cleaning Management Institute's (CMI) basic, advanced and train the trainer programs.  Ivey has trained and certified cleaning professionals in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha Qatar.

In the United States, Ivey has trained and certified thousands of cleaning professionals representing a broad range of facilities.  Professionals from private/public school districts, college/universities, health care organizations, governments, private corporations, building service contractors (BSCs), and public/private libraries. 

Ive'ys background as a certified teacher enhances his ability to connect with people from many levels. As a teacher, Ivey understands the three basic learning styles of adults. This area of expertise allows Ivey to connect with his audience and provide an environment where the participants feel included.  Ivey currently assists CMI with training curriculum updates and on-site certification training programs.  Check out Marion's recent article in CMM Magazine here.  

Bill_headshot.jpgWilliam “Bill” Griffin has over 30 years’ experience in the cleaning industry as a cleaner, consultant, trainer and expert witness. He is the author of the Comprehensive Custodial Training Manual, How to Sell and Price Contract Cleaning, How to Start and Operate a Successful Cleaning Business and 10 other books and manuals, as well as over 300 articles on cleaning, maintenance and self-employment.

He is a regular contributor to Cleaning & Maintenance Management magazine, Cleanfax magazine and other industry publications and is a Master Trainer for Cleaning Management Institute. He is certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) as a Master Cleaner and is an active carpet and hard surface flooring inspector and approved IICRC instructor for carpet (CCT & CMT), stone (SMT) and hard floors (FCT).

Griffin has extensive experience as a consultant, expert witness, speaker and seminar leader to government agencies, manufacturers, associations and private businesses of all types and sizes throughout the world. He is an Assessor for ISSA's Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) Green Building (GB) certification program. For more information, call Griffin on his cell at (206) 849-0179, e-mail him at or visit

Brant Insero is a trainer for CMI, the custodial training and certification arm of the International Sanitary Supply Association.Brant With over a decade of training experience, including sales, customer service, custodial operations and much more, Over the course of his fifteen year career as a trainer, Brant has instructed professionals in telecommunications, publishing, retail, higher education, correctional and many other industries. Along with training, Brant has owned and operated a successful business for ten years.  Brant brings new insight to training for CMI.


Mickey CroweMickey Crowe of the Source America South Region office has been involved in the custodial industry for over 35 years and is recognized as a speaker, consultant and trainer.  He is a CMI Certified Master Train the Trainer recognized by Cleaning Management Institute to conduct the Train the Trainer Certification Workshops.
Bill McGarvey head shotBill McGarvey is the Director of Training & Sustainability for the Philip Rosenau Company, a major regional distributor of janitorial and sanitary maintenance products. With over 30 years experience in the commercial cleaning industry, Bill is responsible for all aspects of customer training through the Rosenau Cleaning University, on site workshops, regulatory compliance seminars, and equipment in-service programs.

Bill is a Cleaning Management Institute certified trainer for the CMI Custodial Technician Certification Program and is certified as an official ISSA Cleaning Industry Management Standard and CIMS Green Building Certification Expert. Additionally, he has received recognition under the ISSA Green Cleaning University Program and no less than three major manufacturers certified Green Cleaning programs. Additional customer support is provided through activities such as trouble-shooting and problem resolution, job assignment development, cost justifications, and program recommendations. Also within this role, Bill monitors industry trends to develop new training or revise existing programs.

In the Sustainability arena, Bill serves as point person with the U. S. Green Building Council and the Delaware Valley Green Building Council. The Philip Rosenau Company is a member and sustaining sponsor of these organizations respectively. He has conducted Green Cleaning Awareness Seminars for countless cleaning professionals within the region. Furthermore, he has conducted numerous Green Cleaning Surveys for customers and helped develop pilot programs to move their operation in a more sustainable direction. Our brochure “Let us help you get to green” has helped hundreds of our customers take some of the mystery out of Green Cleaning. Bill has authored or contributed to nearly a dozen articles in trade magazines over the past several years.

During his career, Bill has worked for a major international contracted service provider, rising from an entry level position into management roles at a number of R&D and pharmaceutical firms in the Philadelphia area. Bill has also owned his own commercial cleaning and consulting firm and has provided consultation services to organizations such as The University of Pennsylvania Lucent Technologies Kimberly-Clark Corporation McNeil Consumer Products, Fed-Ex K-Mart, and more.



Perry ShimanoffPerry Shimanoff is a former United States Marine Corps Infantry Officer (served during the Vietnam conflict). He has worked as a maintenance and operations cleaning consultant for the past 36 years, primarily with school districts, community colleges, universities, cities, and charter schools throughout the United States. Mr. Shimanoff has consulted with more than 500 clients, providing audit services, staffing assistance, and of course custodial training programs.

Mr. Shimanoff has completed a three year tenure as the Vice-President of the International Custodial Advisory Network (ICAN), and participates as a member of the “Ask the Experts” forum for CMI. From 1995 through 2009, Mr. Shimanoff (with Mr. Griffin) was selected to be the custodial trainer for the California Association of School Business Officials (CASBO), with more than 15,000 custodians attending these workshops and seminars.

Mr. Shimanoff has contributed articles to a variety of trade journals (Cleaning and Maintenance Magazine, American School & University, Turf Maintenance, CASBO Quarterly Journal of Business, etc.) and is the author of two novels. As the founder of Management and Communication Consultants, his company has developed maintenance and custodial software used by hundreds of organizations. His approach to training is very simple: Clean Smarter, Not Harder.  







Joel “Doc” Craddock has over 30 years of experience in the commercial facilities maintenance industry. Joel has held positions as an area manager,special projects manager, operations manager, sales manager, regional director, and president with various companies over the years. Joel has a strong passion to dramatically improve theJoel quality and the health impact of professional cleaning services, through direct consultation on best practices, hands on training, and ongoing support.

In addition to being a Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) certified trainer for CMI’s Custodial Training Program and Supervisor & Management Boot Camp, Joel is a speaker to groups and companies on various safety issues in the workplace, for owners, managers, and employees.

Joel can be reached at or visit for more information. Click here to see what Joel has written for CMM Magazine.

Sharon L. Cowan, CBSE, is a 25 year veteran of the cleaning industry and the former CEO of a multimillion dollar regional commercial and residential cleaning company. Sharon grew her company using her background in business development, strategic planning, national corporate leadership, and education. Sharon sold sharon cowanher company in 2000 to pursue coaching and consulting globally.

Sharon has been a guest speaker and seminar leader for industry trade groups, and has twice won marketing awards from BSCAI. In addition to one-on-one coaching internationally, Sharon conducts workshops throughout the United States, teaching commercial cleaning business owners how to maximize profits and grow their businesses. Often called a Turnaround Specialist, Sharon holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern Michigan University.  

Sharon is on staff at Indian River State College and serves on the Board of Directors for Cleaning For A Reason. Sharon has been designated a CBSE (Certified Building Service Executive) by the BSCAI. She is also an Industry Expert for several online janitorial sites and has authored industry eBooks, white papers, C/D training programs, and the BSC University Series.

Sharon can be reached at (772) 563-7320 or Email: