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February 2013 Feature 2

Becoming A Certified Germ Killer

Having the right tools, the proper equipment and ample desire is not enough when lives are on the line; thorough training and continued education are major factors in the infection control equation.

While some companies and facilities have taken active steps to develop internal training and certification programs, there are several organizations that can provide effective curriculum resources and help educate workers.

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CMI's Business Growth Strategies for Contract Cleaning Companies, July 19-20, 2017

7/19/17 to 7/20/17
ISSA Home Office
3300 Dundee Road
Northbrook, IL
United States
Contact: Brant Insero

Is your business website operating at its' full potential?

Are you using the power of Social Media to maximize your marketing?

Do you want to identify common mistakes you may be making BEFORE they destroy your business?

Do you want to build stronger, lasting relationships with your customers and earn their trust?

CMI has partnered with two industry experts, Sharon Cowan, CBSE, and Jeff Cross to help you answer these questions and many more in our Business Growth Strategies seminar!

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