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CMI's Certification Training programs for Health Care.

Health care isn’t just the work of a doctor or nurse on a daily basis. Health care employees in the Environmental Services department have one of the most important jobs in the industry. Cleaning for health, safety and the image of your facility is more important now than ever before. The EVS department has a direct impact on the health care facilities reimbursement from insurance providers based on their HCHAP scores.Class Picture

Safety – Over the years, we have heard the concerns raise for the health care industry due to new viruses that emerge consistently. One of the major factors to help reduce infectious disease is through a consistent training program for your environmental services team. It is the job of the EVS department to provide a safe working environment for your organizations staff.

Customer Satisfaction – Cleaning Management Institute understands how important it is to receive the best HCHAP score possible for your facility. Our goal is to provide a training program for your staff that will empower them to make the most detailed decision to enhance your facilities image.

Save Time – Many of the tasks within the healthcare industry are time sensitive and based on demand. Having a staff that will not duplicate tasks because of performance is very important. Providing them with a specific certification program will hold them accountable for enhancing their performance.

The highest value that you can offer both your customers and employees in training is a third party certification. Hospital patients will acknowledge that you are investing in a high quality training program and employees will feel the power of a career pathway. Your customer might not know how qualified your training program is but, they will respect the end result.

CMI offers three different certifications that are a perfect fit for your health care facility. Custodial Technician Basic, Advanced, and Supervisor are the core certifications offered. CMI does offer customized training programs to meet your facility needs as well. 



Custodial Technician Basic Certification Course

1. Customer Service

2. Chemistry of Cleaning

3. Basic Above Floor Care

4. Basic Carpet Care

5. Basic Hard Floor Care

6. Basic Restroom Care






Custodial Technician Advanced Certification Course

1. Advanced Hard Floor Care

2. Advanced Carpet Care

3. Advanced Above Floor Care







Custodial Supervisor Certification Course

1. How to Develop Leadership Qualities in the building services field

2. Technical Skills Applicable to the Workplace

3. Building Services Operation






Here are some of Cleaning Management Institute's Health Care customers.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center Johns Hopkins Medical Center Columbia Medical Center
Nantucket Cottage Hospital Ohio State University Medical Center University of Vermont Medical Center


For more information about CMI's training programs, please contact Mark Warner at 800-225-4772 ext 1371 or