ISSA Certification Expert (I.C.E.)

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6/14/17 8:00 am CST
ISSA Home Office
3300 Dundee Road
Northbrook, IL
United States
Contact: Christa Perez

Why Should I Become a CIMS ISSA Certification Expert?

Training to become an ISSA Certification Expert positions an individual as an indispensable resource during tough times.  As one's customers or own organizations face budget cuts, professionals need real-life solutions to help them deal with the new challenges. The good news? The I.C.E. program can help!

  • Custodial operations around the country must reduce labor budgets by 5-10 percent—reductions that cannot be accomplished by supply price decreases alone.
  • Operational and budgetary knowledge is necessary for one to position themselves as an indispensable resource in these harsh economic times.
  • The need to evaluate, reduce and redeploy the workforce is the only way to meet impending budget reductions and an industry professional can help their customers or their own organization do so by training to be a CIMS “ISSA Certification Expert.”

Ultimately, becoming an I.C.E.-certified professional arms you with information about the critical factors that you can use to help your customers or your own organization meet demands from the highest management levels.  In fact, past attendees have saved customers or their own organization more than six figures annually by helping them comply with CIMS and achieve certification to the Standard.


For more information, please contact Christa Perez.