Train the Trainer/A.C.T Philadelphia, October 17-19 2017

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10/17/17 8:30 am to 10/19/17 4:00 pm EST
Philip Rosenau Co., Inc
750 Jacksonville Road
Warminster, PA
United States
Contact: Brant Insero

This three day split training offering will deliver the best of both worlds- day one will be a full CITS Accredited Certification Trainer (A.C.T) workshop on the best practices and principles of effective training in the cleaning industry. Those who successfully complete day one's A.C.T. workshop and pass an examination will achieve accreditation as a professional trainer and will be eligible to deliver CITS verified training programs as well as proctor and grade exams.

The A.C.T. curriculum includes:

  • Psychology of learning (adult learning principles)
  • Preparing lesson plans
  • Recognizing and maximizing engagement of all learning styles
  • Instructional methods
  • How to conduct classroom presentations.

Those who choose to  continue on days two and three will participate in our Train the Trainer course which is structured to help train and certify cleaning professionals so they can successfully implement training for their operation. It is a great way to begin effective and high-quality training.

The curriculum teaches cleaning best practices with minimal environmental impact and will increase efficiency and decrease costs for your cleaning operation. “It's easy for people to get on board, and it helps with all aspects of the job; we can even communicate better and our staff understands what to do with less supervision and explanation. The CMI program can help everyone succeed.” - Carl Bowman, Ohio State University

The course utilizes the CMI Custodial Technician Basic and Advanced level certification courses as a foundation for the technical skills being implemented.  Each day of Train the Trainer will include indepth discussions and group activities featuring one of CMI's Master Trainers.

A rough agenda for Train the Trainer will provide you a basic understanding of what will be covered.  Each category is drilled down in depth with a strong focus on implementation of a proper training program for your staff.  

Day 2: Custodial Technician BasicEffective communication is important with all aspects of facilities management, but especially so for training and educational endeavors

  1. Chemistry of Cleaning
  2. Basic Above Floor Care 
  3. Basic Carpet Care
  4. Basic Hard Floor Care
  5. Basic Restroom Care

Day 3: Custodial Technician Advanced

  1. Advanced Hard Floor Care
  2. Advanced Carpet Care
  3. Advanced Above Floor Care

Each day, groups will be assembled to create presentations based their specific module.  It will be the groups responsibility to develop a presentation utilizing CMI's conent and deliver the message to the rest of the class. Upon completion of the Train the Trainer course, attendees will have the knowledge and skills to implement a proper training program and a set of goals and timeline for doing so.

NoteLunch is provided each day at approximately 12:00pm. Travel costs are not covered in the registration fee for this prohram.  If you are interested in registering, please contact Mark Warner at 847-982-0800,  Ext. 1371


All sales are final.  No refunds are provided after registration.  If an attendee is unable to join the seminar, they can use the credit toward another live seminar or have another employee join the seminar.