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Training / Certification

Custodial Technician Training Program

The Custodial Technician Training and Certification program was developed by CMI more than 50 years ago and has been helping cleaning operations adopt best practices ever since. The program is designed for frontline custodians and teaches basic and advanced skills in all areas of commercial building cleaning. 

The Custodial Technician program is updated regularly to keep pace with new technologies and procedures in the industry. Version five of the program includes updated information on steam vapor cleaning, microfiber, no-touch cleaning technology and much more.

Teach best practices to your custodial staffs and ensure your operation has minimal environmental impact by adopting the industry's premiere training and certification program.


Our Custodial Technician Training program is split into Basic and Advanced levels. The Basic Level includes five modules, and the Advanced Level contains three modules. Each module covers a different cleaning subject and each has a corresponding certification exam.





Custodial Technician Basic Version 5 (Daily Maintenance Tasks)

  1. Chemistry of Cleaning
  2. Basic Above Floor Care
  3. Basic Hard Floor Care
  4. Basic Carpet Care
  5. Basic Restroom Care







Custodial Technician Advanced Version 5 (Project Style Tasks)

  1. Advanced Hard Floor Care
  2. Advanced Carpet Care
  3. Advanced Above Floor Care







  CMI’s Custodial Technician Training program will:

     Enhance your company’s image
     Improve morale and reduce turnover 
     Motivate employees
     Recognize achievements and provide advancement opportunities
     Evaluate employee performance according to set standards
     Identify areas that require additional training


Here are some of CMI's current members

Business Service Contractors Education Government Healthcare Prison Systems
Sodexo The Ohio State University Government of Bermuda Johns Hopkins Medical Center

Oregon State Correctional System

Goodwill   Industries Bloomsburg University Library of Congress Dartmouth - Hitchcock Medical Center Schenectady County Sheriff's Department
Systems 4 Charlotte-Mecklenburg Town of           Normal, IL University of Vermont Medical Center Federal Correctional Institute - Multiple Facilities



Each certification that is provided by CMI will be valid for two years.  Recertification exams will be available online to recertify each level of certification.


All of CMI's content has been verified by the ISSA CITS standards.






For more information, contact Brant Insero
(847) 982-3485