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CMI's Certification Training programs for building service contractors.

Whether we think about cleaning as a “people” business or not, the fact of the matter is that we are in the people business. It is the responsibility of the business owner to supply a top quality product that holds a deep value. While providing this quality service, we have to invest in our people. These are the individuals who are working hard for us. San Fran Class

Save Money – As a business owner or operator, you will reduce your expenses as your employees will now perform at a higher standard than the rest. Less task duplication, lower chemical usage and proper equipment maintenance will all help reduce your operating budget. The only way to complete these consistent challenges is through proper certification training.

Grow Revenue – Grow your revenue through a complete training platform. Companies that will hire you for your service are increasingly looking for companies that offer certified employees. This gives your customer a strong peace of mind that you are providing them qualified employees.

Increase Retention – Your number of complaints will decrease because your employee will know how to complete their tasks with 100% customer satisfaction. The highest value that you can offer both your customers and employees in training is a third party certification. Customers will acknowledge that you are investing in a high quality training program and employees will feel the power of a career pathway. Both your customer and employee will become invested in the products that you are providing.

Cleaning Management Institute offers three different certifications that are a perfect fit for your cleaning company. Custodial Technician Basic, Advanced and Supervisor are the core certifications offered through CMI. CMI will offer customized training programs to meet your needs as well.


Custodial Technician Basic Certification Course

1. Customer Service

2. Chemistry of Cleaning

3. Basic Above Floor Care

4. Basic Carpet Care

5. Basic Hard Floor Care

6. Basic Restroom Care



Custodial Technician Advanced Certification Course

1. Advanced Hard Floor Care

2. Advanced Carpet Care

3. Advanced Above Floor Care






Custodial Supervisor Certification Course

1. How to Develop Leadership Qualities in the building services field

2. Technical Skills Applicable to the Workplace

3. Building Services Operation





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