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CMI Trainer Spotlight - June 2014

Charles (Mickey) Crowe

June 26, 2014
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In this month's CMI Trainer Spotlight, we speak with Mickey Crowe.

We asked Crowe about the new technologies and the operational improvements managers can expect when training is utilized.CMI

Phillip Lawless: How did you first get into cleaning industry training?

Mickey Crowe: I would have to trace my first training experiences as a supervisor and project manager to Marsden Building Maintenance in Saint Paul, Minnesota, back in the early 1970s.

I also conducted training when I owned my own cleaning business in the central Florida area during the 1980-90s as well.

Since then I have worked for companies that allowed me to develop custodial related materials to improve productivity and professionalism.

I refer to this as "Cleaning Smart" and "Custodial Best Practices."

PL: What do you most enjoy about being a cleaning industry trainer?

MC: There is a strong sense of accomplishment when I am able to give a new or an experienced custodial worker that “a-ha moment” when they either get a new concept or connect the dots and have a better understanding of their job.

I really appreciate the value of what custodians do in the fight to protect health as well as their overall contributions to the smooth operations of business.

I stay committed to helping them work smarter and harder in this challenging age.

PL: What operational improvements can managers expect due to training?

MC: Today it is all about productivity, safety and going green in an organized manner.

Hopefully they will learn how to identify what I call "Custodial Best Practices" which can entail using a new process or new technology to perform a task faster and better.

Too many can get stuck in the mindset of “we have always done it this way” and fail to take into account the many new products that are available.

A side effect of helping workers be better at what they do is improved morale and dedication to the job at hand. 

PL: If you could offer one tip to industry facility managers and building service contractors based on your training experience, what would it be?

MC: Keep learning.

Since the industry is changing so rapidly, we all have to be on our toes if we are to provide the best level of service to our customers.

Read, attend trade shows, participate in associations and keep asking questions.

One of my favorite slogans for my attendees to repeat at the beginning of a session is:  “For my company to grow, I must grow!”

PL: What technology has you excited for the cleaning industry’s future?

MC: That is a difficult question to answer since there are so many changes happening almost at the same time.

I am really impressed with some of the new automated systems that can radically reduce fatigue and labor.

I believe that as we develop safer, greener, sustainable products, equipment and processes, our workers and our customers will benefit from healthier environments.

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